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Photo Credit: The Curated House by Sarah Walker


"Over the past 28 years, Whittington & Company has earned a renowned reputation in the Canadian furniture industry for our exceptional quality and service, talented artisans, fine craftsmanship and expert custom capabilities."



Whittington & Co. was started in 1994 by four industry veterans to serve the Canadian interior design and decorating community as a place to design and create unique fully custom fine upholstery that uses the best quality materials and time honoured craftsmanship for discerning designers and clients alike.


Aside from our commitment to excellence in quality and service, Whittington is highly recognized for our ability to design and create bespoke furniture fully in house by our team of experienced artisans and craftsmen.  Our degree of control over the entire process enables us to ensure our quality standards are upheld while allowing designers opportunities to collaborate and fine tune the products along it's journey from concept to final product in a timely fashion. From frame design and fabrication through to hand staining and finishing, we have the abilities to bring your visions to life.  


We see our designers as partners and continually look for ways to collaborate and build mutually beneficial relationships that challenge and push us to develop our skills and abilities while bringing original and exciting design concepts to life.  


Our luxury furniture is all Made to Order or Fully Custom designed and fabricated transforming creative expressions of design and styles through the fine art of hand crafted upholstered seating.  We are recognized as a distinguished source of talent for the industry from our highly trained and experienced artisans, quality craftsmanship, timely production, freedom of design through to absolute customer satisfaction.  


All of our standard and premium furniture are made using 100% hardwood frames, high density and high resilience soy based foam and cotton felt batting for comfort and durability and upholstered with fine fabrics from all over the world.  We offer multiple suspension methods such as the traditional eight way hand tied, sinuous spring systems and pirelli webbing.  


Whittington & Co., caters to a select range of clients such as high end interior designers and decorators as well as fine boutique retailers and contract/commercial furniture specifiers. Over the years, we've had the privilege of making furniture for prominent people and celebrities through our esteemed designers and continue to have the honour of making furniture for Canadian Embassies all over the world such as Dubai and The Hague in Copenhagen.  Whittington & Co. furniture can even be found on the ultra exclusive The World cruise by Residencesea, the largest privately owned residential yacht in the world.


Thank you for your interest in our company and we look forward for the opportunity to serve you and your clients with your custom upholstery and furnishing needs.




Ashli Tran

Director, Operations & Business Development

Whittington & Company

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