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Our standard seating is made up of heavy gauge no sag springs. Each spring is spaced no more than 4" apart and linked together laterally so they work in concert to provide a consistent seat. To ensure an even seating at the edges of the sofa we use 2 heavier gauge springs spaced 2" apart.


For the ultimate in long lasting comfort we offer the traditional eight way hand tied web & coil seating. In this time honoured method, heavy duty coil springs are tied by hand in a web with eight knots per spring linking each spring to the next. This method relieves stress on critical points in the frame ensuring unrivaled quality comfort and longevity.


To construct an heirloom quality piece of furniture you must start with a quality frame. All of our frames are built using locally harvested kiln dried 5/4" maple. Frames are glued, screwed & dowelled, and finally corner blocked to ensure frame rigidity. A twenty year warranty is provided on all frames.


To maintain the high standard on our show wood pieces all of our finishing is completed in house. Our experienced craftsmen use a high build pre catalyzed lacquer to achieve a rich and luxurious finish. We offer several standard finish colours, and limitless custom options including, glazing, distressing and gilding. We also match any Benjamin Moore paint colour.


Every roll of fabric is inspected twice for flaws. Using a template that is specifically created for the client's product, the fabric is then marked out to produce the best visual pattern match for that individual piece of furniture by our head cutter, who draws from decades of experience.


All of our furniture is bench made and each piece of furniture is upholstered by the hands of one artisan from start to completion.  Our craftsmen work on one piece at a time and take great pride in their work.  Fine upholstery is an artform that is developed and acquired over years of training and experience.  Much like a well tailored suit, fine upholstery is in the finer details and can only be appreciated by discerning eyes.


Our standard seat cushions are composed of a high density eco friendly soy foam called Koosh Natural. Each cushion is wrapped in a Dacron envelope for a plush seat and finally installed in a cotton casing for durability. Our standard back cushion is filled with a resilient fiber called Dacron that is enveloped into a cotton channelled casing for evenly distributed support and comfort.

If you are looking for a more luxurious seating you may want to try one of our feather options. From a Feather/Dacron blended wrapped foam to a 80/20 down/feather blend, you are certain to find a seat that suits you.


Our talented sewers have been a valued part of our company for years. Their vast experience working with different fabrics and leathers, ensure that each piece will look it's best and last for decades.


The last stage in the production process is the final inspection. Every piece is carefully cleaned, thoroughly scrutinized and tested by 2 qualified individuals to ensure all the details are correct. Each piece meets our high standard of workmanship before it leaves the building.

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