We stand behind every piece of furniture we make and this document will explain in details our quality and service commitment in order to ensure your complete satisfaction and enjoyment for years to come.

It is important to keep in mind that all of our furniture is handmade, and therefore is subject to slight variations.

All upholstery dimensions as indicated have a 1” tolerance, including custom orders.





Frames & Springs:

  • With the exception of our upholstered beds and headboards, all of our furniture, the entire frame consists of the highest quality kiln-dried maple hardwood that is locally sourced and hand built

  • For maximum support and durability, the rail thickness on our frames are maintained at a 1&1/8 inch minimum

  • All frames are corner blocked, doweled, glued and screwed for maximum longevity

  • Our standard seat springs are Sinuous Springs mounted at 4” intervals, cross braces by two rows of flexible coated steel wire for lasting support and comfort.  Additional springs are placed at either end to avoid “tipping”.  The sides are tied off for a lasting base.

  • Depending on the frame style, webbing may be used as part of the construction method most suited for the design of the furniture. 

  • We offer the same warranty on all of our spring systems (Sinuous, Webbing & Eight Way Hand Tied Web & Coil)

  • All frames are corner blocked, doweled, glued and screwed for maximum longevity

  • Exposed woods are all made using solid high grade maple hardwood (or wood species where applicable and depending on the design)

  • All of our furniture legs are either constructed as part of the overall frame or installed into the furniture upon assembly and ships as a complete unit

  • Due to the variations in the grains of the species of wood, there may be slight differences in shading and tones of the various stain finishes selected.  Please note that this is an inherent attribute rather than a manufacturing defect

Seat & Back Cushions:

  • Our standard seat springs are sinuous springs mounted at 4 inch intervals, cross braced by two rows of flexible coated steel wire. Additional springs are placed at either end to avoid “tipping”. The sides are tied off for a lasting base

  • We only use nylon thread in all of our sewing for maximum strength and longevity

  • Standard back cushions are made using polyester fibers (Dacron) placed in an inner casing with a sewn center pocket in order to maintain shape and comfort

  • Standard feather back cushions are made using a blend of duck feathers (for softness) and blown fiber (for loft) filled in individual pocket channels made of 

  • cotton downproof ticking material in order to maintain shape, evenly distributed support and and comfort

  • Feather: for maximum comfort, ease of use and longevity, we use a special blend of Crushed Waterfowl feather and high quality Dacron/Blown Fiber 

  • Feather and Down blend cushions are available at an upcharge for cushions that require extra softness.

  • We also offer a Synthetic Down hypoallergenic option for seat & back cushion envelops and fills 

  • Most manufacturers use the 1.5lbs to 1.8lbs density range polyurethane foam for furniture seating. 

  • Our standard seat cushion foam on the majority of our furniture is the 2.5lbs - or higher density - medium firmness, high resiliency foam wrapped with 

  • polyester batting that is encased in a cotton or downproof liner in order to avoid slippage and also provide comfort, resilient support and durability.  

  • About Koosh Natural BioFoam: Green in colour, its unique cell structure and soy content sets new standards.  It has a softer surface, greater comfort and support, and better fatigue resistance than conventional polyurethane foam.  Guaranteed to maintain its original shape and firmness for the life of most people’s furniture.  It is produced using the most stringent controls and procedures which are evident in its consistency and performance.  Manufactured with no PBDEs or CFSs which satisfy ecological and health concerns.   

  • About Preserve High Resiliency Natural Foam: Peach in colour, this foam is used as our softer grades option for premium back and seat applications. This high resiliency foam is like Koosh Natural but has less soy content.  This foam is heaver and does not soften with use like conventional polyurethane foams.  It also has more cell that allows for better air flow and cooler surfaces.

  • Qualux Foam: We use Qualux foam in all of our Contract/Commercial Furniture applications unless otherwise specified. Residential customers may request foam upgrade to Qualux at no additional upcharge.



  • Frame: Twenty years on kiln-dried hardwood frame and springs against manufacturing defects

  • Seat: Six years on high density & resiliency foam/foam and feather wrapped seat cushions

  • Warranty on the seat cushion cores is unconditional for the first half of the warranty period and is then pro-rated on the remaining half of the warranty period.

  • Back: Five years on back cushion fill for Dacron, Feather, Feather Blend and Feather S-Blend

  • Sewing & Misc.: One year on miscellaneous defects such as sewing, seams and tailoring, legs, casters, etc.

  • Mechanisms: Five years on mechanisms such as recliners and swivel gliders

  • Sofa Beds: Three years on sofa bed units directly warranted from the mechanism manufacturer




  • Customers must keep and present all sales slips when requesting warranty service.  All warranty periods begin from the ship or pick up date from our factory.

  • All furniture claims examined and determined to have been abused, damaged due to moving or transportation and/or improperly used will automatically void this warranty

  • Warranty applies to the original owner of the Whittington & Co. product and is warranted for normal residential use only

  • Fabric Direction: Customer must specify the pattern direction that all COM fabrics are to be cut. If no direction is provided, Whittington & Co. reserves the right to determine the direction of the fabric is to be cut without prior notice

  • Measurements: All of our furniture is individually handcrafted and as such, measurements displayed in our catalog, price lists and website are all approximate due to the variations in padding and fabric thicknesses

  • Cushions: Some flattening or loss of resiliency will occur with cushions seat and back cushions as a result of normal use and aging, this is not covered under the warranty.  Cushions over time will conform to the shape of the user and such slight changes are expected and is not considered a manufacturing defect. 

  • Fabrics & Leather: Unfortunately Whittington & Co. cannot provide a warranty for fabric or leather wear or discoloration.  All fabrics and leather are warranted directly from the original manufacturer or supplier.

  • Floor Models & Clearance Items: This warranty does not apply to purchases of products from floor models, samples and/or clearance furniture since such pieces are purchased “As Is”- unless otherwise stated.

  • Shipping Costs: Whittington is not responsible for shipping costs incurred for warranty claims and repairs.



We recommend that you rotate cushions and pillows weekly to distribute wear will provide longer life and durability for your cushions.  Occasional manipulation or fluffing of the cushions is recommended to help them maintain their shape.  Periodic cleaning by a professional upholstery cleaning service is the only recommended cleaning method. Take special care when spraying household chemicals and commercial products near upholstery.  Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight.  All fabric and leather will fade over time.  Applying scented fabric fresheners, neutralizers and fabric protectors is never recommended.




Placing your furniture away from direct sunlight will help to protect your furniture from the damaging UV rays. Cleaning of your show wood should be done with a soft lint free cot- ton cloth, dampened with water only, following the pattern of the grain.  Cleaning your furniture with a dry rag can cause scratches to the finish.  Use a light touch and rotate your cleaning cloth frequently.





Cotton – This natural fibre provides good resistance to wear, fading and pilling, but is less resistant to soiling and wrinkling. Surface treatments and blending with other fibres often compensate for these weaknesses. Durability and use depend on the weave and finish.


Cotton Blend – Depending on the weave, cotton blends tend to be sturdy, family-friendly fabrics.


Leather – This tough material comes in many colors and finishes, and develops more character and softness with age. It is forgiving and easy to clean.


Linen – Best suited for formal living rooms or adult areas because it soils and wrinkles easily. A crisp, tailored look is hard to achieve on seat and back cushions. It must be professionally cleaned to avoid shrinking.


Silk – This beautiful, delicate fabric is only suitable for formal areas. It will show some pull marks and wrinkles. It must be professionally cleaned if soiled.

Micro fibre – A term used to describe fabrics with a velvety, suede-like surface. Made from ultra fine polyester fibres, Micro fibre fabrics are durable and easy to clean.


Vinyl – Easy to care for and less expensive than leather, vinyl is a practical choice for busy family rooms and children's furniture.


Wool – Sturdy and durable, wool and wool blends offer good resistance to pilling, fading, wrinkling, and soil. Generally, wool is blended with a synthetic fibre to make it easier to clean.


Velvet – A beautiful and luxurious fabric, velvet is very easily marked and hard to repair. It will also have large shade variations depending on the viewing angle.


Chenille – It is made of cotton, silk or wool and is similar to velvet. The fabric has a beautiful, shimmering appearance. Chenille has a tendency to roll so cushions will require extra maintenance to help them retain their shape. Due to slippage and rolling issues with chenille fabrics, Whittington & Co. recommends an acrylic backing be applied to all chenilles.


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