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“I should have been a fashion designer, but I wanted a simple life.”
                                 Diane, seamstress

They say a company is only as good as its' people.

Having role models, who allow you to express your creativity, is where it all starts for our artisans. Being inspired from an early age can change the makeup of a person more than you know. Being passionate and loving what you do comes in various forms, as one artisan mentions the thing they most enjoy about their work, also turns out to be the most challenging as well.

Being inspired when viewing the final product and seeing the transformation from conception to the polished piece says a lot about your character, as you are inspired by your own work. It’s rare to have a creative and demanding job not be seen as art to others, but here at Whittington & Co., we see our artisans as just that, Artisans. People who prepare and create art, who build timeless pieces and who strive to create anything imaginable, are true artists.

Fine, creative, visual art, whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content is exactly what these artisans do on a daily basis.

Our artisans know that projects take time and they must work backwards from their objectives in order to achieve their goals. As modest as they are, one artisan mentions,​​​​​ "I should have been a fashion designer, but I wanted a simple life."  They also know that the job is challenging, sewing complicated fabrics like velvet and leather, don’t leave room for any mistakes as you only have one chance to make it right, one stitch at a time to finish the task at hand.

What makes our artisans truly inspirational is that not only do they love what they do, but they are also passionate about sharing knowledge and creating new ways in which to better the team as a whole. Creating custom pieces breaks the mold, and turns inventory into innovation.

With our team, it is evident that good people creating furniture with their hearts and hands is truly what brings a personal touch to life.

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